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What do we do ?


Representation in Standards Bodies

Representation of your business in selected standards bodies, including active participation in discussions, voting, and influencing standards development.


Standard Drafting and Submission Service

A hands-on service where QualitaX experts write and submit standards on your behalf. This service includes drafting the specification, working with the relevant standards bodies, and managing the entire submission process.


Standards Monitoring and Intelligence

Access our customized Standards Watchlist and Alerts for emerging technologies. Get updated participant lists and critical developments analysis affecting your business.

Unlocking Competitive Advantage
Through Strategic Standards Participation

in Standards Bodies

The goal here is to enhance the reputation of your business and to make it more trusted and attractive to customers, partners, and investors.


Your company's name, and that of your participating employees, will be listed on the published standards (or other publications) and meeting attendance lists. This recognition can be leveraged in sales, marketing, and PR efforts, positioning your business as a thought-leader and active contributor to industry progress.

We actively participate in the discussions, working groups, and meetings where the standard is discussed and refined.


Standard Drafting &
Submission Services


The objective is to advocate for the inclusion of your technology and/or practices in a specific standard.

We collaborate with other participating businesses on your behalf to actively write and submit the standard (or other deliverables such as guidelines, industry best practices etc). You could choose for us to work closely with your team or you could choose for our experts to write and submit the draft of the standard as required by the chosen standard body.

Like with the representation service, your company's name, and that of your participating employees, will be listed on the published standards and can be leveraged in sales, marketing, and PR efforts

The difference here is that we take a key leadership role in the standard development process (on your behalf) - Chair, Editor, Technical Committee Lead.

Give your BD and Product Teams
that vital edge

Standards Monitoring & Intelligence

You will get access to our Standards Watchlist and Alerts on Critical Developments.
We have developed a customized watchlist of standards bodies and initiatives that are relevant to emerging technologies (Blockchain, AI, Quantum, Metaverse).


We include a list of participants so you can identify if your competitors, partners or customers are active contributors. This list is regularly reviewed and updated based on evolving industry trends.

We provide immediate alerts on critical developments that could significantly impact your business, along with preliminary analysis and recommended actions.


Ecosystem Development

We facilitate ecosystem growth by guiding strategic participation in standards development and collaboration.




We help product teams contribute to industry standards with their innovation, fostering competitive advantage and market leadership.




We enable business development teams to harness strategic standards participation for market insights and revenue opportunities.

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