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Fuelling industry impact
through member communities.

QualitaX enables technology-focused industry groups to stay relevant and make meaningful contributions to their fields. We enable you to get work done by building and growing member communities so that you deliver value, consistently.


Our new guide is out :

Building a Strong Foundation: A Guide to Establishing Successful Working Groups!

Make an impact in your industry.
We help your organization deliver new paths to industry success.

Membership Growth

Membership growth is focused on expanding the amount of paid and/or active contributors in your organization. We are membership growth experts. We work with you to accelerate growth and increase membership revenue and/or membership participation.

We support your team in growing your membership base.


Member Retention

Member retention aims at increasing participation and benefit realization for your members. The goal is to ensure that your organization delivers the expected value in order to retain existing members and increase membership renewal rate. We help you build long term value-driven member relationships, thereby maximizing the revenue and profitability for your organization.

Give your Membership Teams that vital edge

Lapsed Membership

A lapsed member is one that has lost membership privileges because of unpaid membership fees.  The lapsed member may have chosen not to renew their membership with your organization due to lack of ROI, lack of engagement or lack of perceived value.

We help you re-engage with lapse members to bring them back to your community as active and engaged contributors.


Membership Review
& Membership Analytics

Membership growth, member retention and lapsed membership conversion: we provide you with the data and insights required to drive your membership engagement strategy and your decision making process.

This ensures that value creation and growth opportunities are never missed again while making adjustments to your plan where needed.


Membership Growth

We are membership growth experts. We partner with organizations looking to attract new members.


Member Retention

Retaining existing members can be challenging for organizations. We partner with you to deliver ongoing value to existing members.


Lapsed Membership

We help your re-engage with lapsed members in order to bring them back to your community.

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