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Innovation Amplified: The Power of Open Source & Open Standards with Jory Burson

Join us in a conversation with Jory Burson. Jory is the is the Vice President of Standards at the Linux Foundation. Previously, Jory worked at the OpenJS Foundation, supporting JavaScript projects like Node.js. She held roles managing open-source programs at OASIS Open. Jory brings deep expertise in open source, open standards, and community collaboration.

In this engaging conversation, we explore the top benefits of open standards participation for individuals and businesses. For individuals, Jory highlights fostering connections, giving back to the community, and valuing others' contributions. On the business side, Jory explains how open standards help companies build connections vs silos, extend their products via shared APIs and infrastructure, and expand into new markets. Jory also shares insights into the risks and challenges smaller companies face participating in standards groups, and how VCs can better support their portfolio startups in these efforts.

Additional topics include:

- Maintaining stakeholder engagement in multi-year standards projects - Parallels between standards development and product development

- The role of research institutions alongside commercial players

- Exciting standards efforts in AI accountability and provenance

If you’re a startup looking to get involved in standards or an established business wanting to expand your participation, this conversation delivers actionable advice and inspiration. Tune in to learn from Jory’s breadth of experience bridging open source, open standards, and business strategy.

Few snippets:


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