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Urban Clouds

Pioneering Digital Transformation with SLA Automation & Blockchain in Telecom

Join us in a conversation with Jeff Quinn VP at Sage Management, Daniel Bar-Lev VP of Strategic Programs at MEF Forum, and Dr. Andreas Freund, Technology Advisory at Consensys Mesh. This webinar explores using blockchain and zero knowledge technologies for SLA management in the Telecom industry. It provides insights into applying emerging technologies to simplify and automate multiparty business processes.

We discuss:

➡ The unique challenges faced by the telecom industry and the limitations of traditional solutions.

➡ Why do current technologies fall short in addressing these challenges?

➡The approach and the value delivered by Project Wolf Town to different stakeholder groups within the telecom ecosystem.

➡ How blockchain and zero-knowledge technologies are used to reshape SLA automation and management?

Few snippets:


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