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QX | April 2024 - Monthly Recap #4

Our monthly recap offers a regular cadence of updates regarding our contributions to the Enterprise Blockchain community. These updates showcase QualitaX's dedication to advancing blockchain adoption in financial services. Whether collaborating on open standards, releasing open-source tools, or educating through ecosystem partnerships, we are committed to supporting the digital transformation of traditional finance.

Digital Assets

📢 Last month, we released our ERC-3643 Standard Deep Dive. We are now announcing that this month, we started our new initiative focused on ERC-1400. As part of our ongoing commitment to support the real-world asset tokenization space, we will be providing two deliverables: an ERC-1400 Adoption Tracker as well as a deep dive report. We are happy to announce that both items will be officially released in May!

For the early enthusiasts, here is a sneak peek:


📝 We are happy to announce that the draft of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) Interoperability Specification is now ready for public review and comments, at

To streamline the review process, we are using GitHub for collecting and managing all reviews and comments. Please submit your feedback as issues within the public repository at - detailed instructions on the review process can be found there, too.

QX Insights - Webinars

In 2023, we launched a webinar series titled "The Future of Financial Market Infrastructures" aimed at exploring and demystifying the evolving world of finance through the lens of blockchain technology. The purpose of the series is to be a hub for thought leaders and experts in the field and to provide insights into the changes shaping the financial industry.

👉 Catchup: This month, we had the pleasure of hosting Saloi Benbaha, Head of Institutional Partnerships at TradeFinex, and Christoph Gugelmann Founder & CEO at Tradeteq to discuss the digitization of trade finance.

Recording is now available on Youtube.

We discussed:

✅ The $2.5 trillion global trade finance gap and the challenges in trade finance today.

✅ The biggest opportunities and challenges or limitations to Trade Finance and RWA tokenization.

✅ The multi-trillion dollar securitization market and the associated opportunity for RWA tokenization.

✅ Regulatory frameworks are evolving to support the growth of digital assets and tokenization, with jurisdictions like Dubai and the UK leading the way.

✅ Standardization and interoperability between different networks and platforms are crucial to avoid fragmentation of liquidity in the tokenized asset market.

QX Snapshots - Newsletter

As professionals in emerging technologies, we like to keep our pulse on the latest news on AI, Tech, Quantum computing, Blockchain, and the Metaverse. This month, we published 5 new issues of QX Snapshots.

Friday, 26 April - Franklin Templeton's Peer-to-Peer Share Transfers on Blockchain; Globacap & Tokeny partnership for private assets tokenization; Archax tokenizes BlackRock MMF on Hedera.

Friday, 19 April - HSBC Leads Series C for HQLAᵡ to Enhance Collateral Mobility on DLT; Centrifuge Raises $15M for Institutional DeFi; EY Launches Blockchain Contract Manager.


Friday, 12 April - Circle and BlackRock Enhance Digital Asset Liquidity, Ledger and Ondo Finance Boost Institutional Trading, DigiFT’s Tokenized Money Market Fund.

Friday, 05 April - Major UK Banks Back Startup Coadjute, BIS Initiates Cross-Border Payment Innovation with Project Agorá, Ripple to Launch Stablecoin, and UK Digital Securities Sandbox Consultation.

Next Steps: Fostering Collaboration in Digital Finance

Over the next month, we will continue driving impact and adoption of open standards through our deep involvement with industry groups like the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance and ERC3643 Association.

We intend to release more educational materials and thought leadership content around crucial topics such as Digital Assets, DeFi risks and DLT interoperability in regulated settings. Our contributions in these spaces aim to promote responsible innovation and make complex concepts more accessible to enterprises.

Finally, we are exploring new collaborative opportunities with partners focused on advancing Digital Transformation for the Financial Services sector by using blockchain and DLT technologies. The months ahead promise exciting progress across our focus areas.

We look forward to updating you on the latest developments in our next monthly recap!

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