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Participation in the UK All-Party Parliamentary Group on Blockchain Industry Roundtable

We are thrilled to announce that QualitaX has been invited to participate in the prestigious Industry Roundtable organized by the UK All-Party Parliamentary Group on Blockchain on Tuesday, 16th January 2024 at the Houses of Parliament.

The roundtable discussion will be focused on the future challenges and opportunities of Web3 technologies in the UK. Chaired by Natalie Elphicke MP (OBE), the Chair of the APPG, this event offers a unique platform for industry experts to contribute insights that will help shape the longer-term work of the APPG in Parliament.

The participation of Anaïs Ofranc, Founder of QualitaX in this roundtable is not only a testament to our company's expertise in the blockchain domain but also reflects our commitment to being at the forefront of technological and policy advancements.

The discussion will cover a broad spectrum of topics, vital for the growth and development of blockchain and Web3 technologies in the UK. These include:

  • Potential Opportunities: Exploring the immense opportunities that the growth of blockchain and Web3 technologies can bring to the UK.

  • Government Support: Discussing the need for more robust support from the UK Government to harness the potential of blockchain technologies fully.

  • Industry Challenges: Delving into the barriers and challenges experienced by the industry in the UK, which could hinder growth.

  • Global Best Practices: Sharing examples of best practices from around the world, offering insights into what the UK can learn from other countries. This includes those that have implemented or are in the process of implementing frameworks to support the growth of blockchain technologies.

As a leader in the blockchain industry, our participation in this roundtable is an opportunity to contribute our knowledge and experience to help shape policies and strategies that could define the future of blockchain and Web3 technologies in the UK. We look forward to engaging in fruitful discussions with other industry leaders and policymakers.

This is not just an event for us; it's a step towards a more innovative and technologically advanced future. Stay tuned to our website and social media channels for updates and insights from this significant event.


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