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You need a bigger pipeline to close more deals.

QualitaX accelerates sales development for B2B Web3 businesses.

Boost pipeline growth with QX Outreach.


How can we help your business? 

All businesses need to build a healthy and growing pipeline in order to generate more revenue. For this, it is important to continuously engage with prospects matching your ideal customer profile (ICP). The right prospects are those converting into profitable customers for your business. 


QX Outreach does one thing: increase the number of sales conversations between your Web3 sales team and qualified prospects.


Is your business looking to significantly increase its sales prospecting activity in order to acquire new customers ? If so, QX Outreach can help.

Everything you need to have more conversations with the right prospects.

QX Outreach's key features focus on what matters most: more sales conversations to grow your pipeline so you can close more deals.

Sales Outreach Planning

Builds ICP and Buyer Personas.

Builds Sales Plays.


Delivers Prospects List.

Delivers Buyer-centric Highly Personalized Messaging and Content. 

Sales Outreach Execution

Sends Highly Personalized Messages to Prospects.

Develops engagement and qualifies Prospects.


Schedules meetings with qualified prospects directly in sales person's calendar.

Reporting & Analytics

Provides end-to-end visibility from planning to execution.


Provides analytics on sales outreach activities.


Supports report exports.

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