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Digital Assets

Stay up to date with the latest contribution from the QualitaX team.


QualitaX - in collaboration with the ERC-3643 Association - has released an ERC-3643 Standard Deep Dive and ERC-3643 Adoption Tracker.  ERC-3643 is a standard for EVM-based smart contracts, specifically designed for compliant, regulated, and permissioned tokenized assets.

Learn more here:


Getting started with Polymesh 


QX Explore - Polymesh is an accessible open-source resource providing a starter guide to understand and analyze data from the Polymesh network. This resource is useful for those interested in learning about the Polymesh network through data analysis.
With 23 detailed metrics covering Assets, Liquidity, Identities, and Settlements, we provide comprehensive insights into network usage without assuming prior Polymesh experience.

Learn more here: Polymesh Metrics

Interested in learning more about our work on digital assets analytics?

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