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Stay up to date with the latest contribution from the QualitaX team.

EEA Crosschain Interoperability

Anaïs Ofranc, Founder of QualitaX is Co-Chair of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) Crosschain Interoperability Working Group.  The current focus of the group is the completion of the EEA Crosschain Interoperability Specification.


Contributors to the work include Adhara, ConsenSys, Wanchain, Datachain.


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Enabling Real-Time Corporate Treasury for Banks with Blockchain
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Watch our webinar with the Adhara team to explore how the EEA Crosschain Interop spec is supporting PvP and DvP workflows via Corda and Ethereum interoperability (Start at 17.26 min) .

QX Interoperability


QX Interoperability is an open-source resource providing understanding and analysis of 1) the current crosschain interoperability landscape in regulated settings, 2) the current state of interoperability between DLT/blockchain platforms and existing financial market infrastructures 3) the current state of interoperability in the digital assets space. It covers Industry Initiatives, Use Cases, Solutions Providers and Interoperability Requirements.


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Interested in learning more about our work on interoperability in regulated settings ?

ISO/TC 307 - Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies

As part of the DLT/1 - Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology committee for the UK’s National Standards Body, we provide input and contribution into ISO/TC 307 and CEN/CENELEC/JTC 19 under the direction of the Standards Policy Strategy Committee. 

The ISO Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology Interoperability Framework (ISO/WD TS 23516) was initiated by Quant Network in 2018. The framework provides a holistic, high-level conceptual architecture and explores considerations for interoperability between DLT systems as well as between DLT and non-DLT systems. 


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