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Charting the Course: Unveiling Our Webinar Series on Leadership and Influence in Emerging Tech!

Exciting news! QualitaX is thrilled to unveil our upcoming webinar series: "Emerging Tech Leadership: Shaping Standards and Building Influence."

The series will include three distinct yet interconnected sessions, each one diving deep into the powerful ways strategic industry relations can drive business success for emerging tech businesses in the AI, blockchain, and metaverse industries.

Our series kicks off with a comprehensive session on "Public Relations for Emerging Tech." Understand how to harness the power of PR to amplify your business's impact, create a strong brand image, and elevate your standing in your industry.

Next up, join us for our second webinar, "Leadership through Standards: Gaining the Competitive Edge." Here we will unpack the tangible business benefits of active standards participation. Discover how you can gain a competitive advantage, influence industry perception and direction, and secure your market position through active involvement in standards development.

Finally, our series culminates with "Shaping the Future: Strategic Standards Participation." This final session will delve into the critical role that standards participation plays in R&D, product innovation, and business development. We'll explore the rich ecosystem of opportunities that open up when businesses actively contribute to and shape standards development.

Our webinar series is a must-attend for any emerging tech business looking to use industry relations as a lever for growth, influence, and competitive advantage.

Stay tuned for more information on dates, guest speakers, and registration details. Let's shape the future of emerging tech together!


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