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Driving Digitization of Trade Finance & RWA Tokenization

In this webinar, we explore the digitization of trade finance and the impact of real-world asset tokenization on this sector with Saloi Benbaha, Head of Institutional Partnerships at TradeFinex, and Christoph Gugelmann Founder & CEO at Tradeteq as they share their expertise and insights with us.

We discuss:

✅ The $2.5 trillion global trade finance gap and the challenges in trade finance today.

✅ The biggest opportunities and challenges or limitations to Trade Finance and RWA tokenization.

✅ The multi-trillion dollar securitization market and the associated opportunity for RWA tokenization.

✅ Regulatory frameworks are evolving to support the growth of digital assets and tokenization, with jurisdictions like Dubai and the UK leading the way.

✅ Standardization and interoperability between different networks and platforms are crucial to avoid fragmentation of liquidity in the tokenized asset market.

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