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Navigating Stablecoins Ratings: Insights from Bluechip

In this webinar, we explore stablecoins ratings with Garett Jones, Chief Economist at Bluechip, the pioneering independent stablecoin rating agency.

As the top five stablecoins are approaching an all-time high with a $150 billion market cap, with almost 100 million holding addresses, it is more crucial than ever to assess the risks associated with these digital assets and understand the significance of stablecoin ratings. With the rapid growth and adoption of stablecoins, investors and other market participants must be equipped with the knowledge and tools to make informed decisions about the stability, transparency, and reliability of the stablecoins they choose to hold or transact with. 

We discuss:

✅ Key lessons from economic theory and history that shape Bluechip's approach to stablecoin valuation.

✅ Critical factors that contribute to a stablecoin's long-term stability and success.

✅ How Bluechip's SMIDGE rating framework assesses stablecoins, providing market participants with a clearer picture of their safety and reliability.

✅ Explore the potential of stablecoins in shaping the next wave of financial innovations

and inclusion.

💡Bluechip website:

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