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Leveraging Ethereum Public Infrastructure: Insights from the Ethereum Business Readiness Report

Join us for an insightful webinar as we dive into the key findings from the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance's 2023 Enterprise Ethereum Business Readiness Report. In the latest edition of over 100 pages, the EEA provides its most comprehensive assessment yet of Ethereum's growing adoption as an enterprise-grade business platform.

Karen Scarbrough, Executive Director at the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) provides valuable insights and learnings on leveraging Ethereum's public infrastructure.

We discuss:

➡ Key Findings: From the quantitative analysis of over 260 real-world Ethereum business projects across industries.

➡ Market Trends: Insights into emerging use cases, opportunities, and challenges for enterprise Ethereum.

➡ Technical Landscape: Developments in Ethereum's scalability, privacy, and interoperability that are addressing enterprise requirements.

➡ Business Readiness: An ecosystem-wide scorecard on how prepared Ethereum is to meet enterprise demands.

➡ Example Use Cases: Overview of 12 case studies across the capital markets, institutional defi, supply chain, sustainability, payments, and more.

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