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Redefining Real Estate: Exploring RWA Tokenization

In this webinar we discuss real-world asset tokenization and more specifically, real-estate backed digital securities with Stefan Rind, Founder and CEO of Brickmark.

We explore the current challenges in real estate and how asset-backed tokenization can increase access, liquidity, and fractional ownership, suitable asset classes, opportunities, impact of real-estate tokenization in this traditional industry, and how Brickmark is uniquely positioned to service this emerging space by connecting funds, owners, and developers on the supply side, to retail and institutional investors.

Brickmark has completed €160m and has € 1.24b of projects in preparation.

We discuss:

✅ Key Challenges: Common problems in the real estate market today and the need for real-estate RWA tokenization?

✅ Requirements & Regulatory Compliance: What are stakeholders requirements and regulatory challenges, and how is Brickmark addressing them?

✅ Case Studies: Real-life examples where Brickmark'solutions, have successfully addressed those business needs and requirements.

✅ Interoperability: The importance of interoperability between tokenization platforms and existing financial and real estate infrastructure, and learn about Brickmark's progress and plans in this critical domain.

✅ Future Outlook

👉 Download the presentation here: Redefining Real Estate - Exploring RWA Tokenization.

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