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QX | January 2024 - Monthly Recap #1

Our monthly recap offers a regular cadence of updates regarding our contributions to the Enterprise Blockchain community. These updates showcase QualitaX's dedication to advancing blockchain adoption in financial services. Whether collaborating on open standards, releasing open-source tools, or educating through ecosystem partnerships, we are committed to supporting the digital transformation of traditional finance.

Digital Assets

📢 We are excited to announce our new initiative to track the adoption of the ERC3643 standard. As part of our ongoing commitment to support the real-world asset tokenization space, we will be providing two deliverables: an ERC3643 Adoption Tracker as well as a deep dive report. The report will contextualize the dashboard data with qualitative insights, case studies from major projects, and an analysis of factors driving or hindering adoption. By making this adoption tracking initiative completely transparent and open source, we hope to both inform the community and accelerate the adoption and usage of the standard. Look out for the launch of the ERC3643 Adoption Tracker in Q2!

For the early enthusiasts, see our early-stage work here:

DeFi Risks

We are now proposing our "Navigating Risks in the DeFi Landscape" workshop to interested organizations. It is a workshop for teams seeking to deepen their understanding and management of risks associated with Decentralized Finance (DeFi). Over three hours, we will immerse ourselves in the fast-evolving world of DeFi to equip your team to identify, assess, and mitigate associated risks.


The workshop leverages the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance DeFi Risk Assessment Guidelines, a  framework for evaluating risks across DeFi protocols, smart contracts, data protocols, tokens, and more. We will cover key risk categories such as smart contract, oracle, governance, incentive, and financial risks and discuss real-world case studies that demonstrate the impact these risks can have if left unmanaged.


By the end of the workshop, participants will have the knowledge needed to determine your organization’s DeFi risk appetite, conduct due diligence on DeFi products and services, and develop appropriate risk mitigation strategies. Whether you’re currently exposed to DeFi or have plans to take advantage of the innovations in this space, developing risk fluency is a critical step for institutional adopters.

Please contact us if interested:


📝 This month, we made a significant contribution to the EEA Crosschain Interoperability Technical Specification draft.  Our involvement underscores our commitment to interoperability between DLT/blockchain networks in regulated settings and fostering a more connected and efficient business ecosystem. By sharing our expertise and insights, we have helped to refine and enhance the requirements that will guide the seamless interaction between different heterogeneous blockchain networks.

QX Insights - Webinars

In 2023, we launched a webinar series titled "The Future of Financial Market Infrastructures" aimed at exploring and demystifying the evolving world of finance through the lens of blockchain technology. The purpose of the series is to be a hub for thought leaders and experts in the field and to provide insights into the changes shaping the financial industry.

👉 Catchup: This month, we had the pleasure of hosting Claus Skaaning, CEO of DigiShares, and Sebastián Rodríguez, VP of Product at Polygon ID to explore innovations in decentralized identity management, focusing on DigiShares and Polygon ID collaboration to develop the Decentralized ID for Tokenization (DITO) framework.

Recording is now available on Youtube.

👉 Catchup: With Roberto Durscki, Senior Director of RWA Tokenization at the Stellar Development Foundation we discussed how Stellar uniquely positions financial institutions for success in leveraging tokenization. Discover why major players like Franklin Templeton, ABN Amro, Wisdom Tree, and Circle are turning to Stellar for regulated tokenization ventures across stablecoins, funds, precious metals, and more.

Recording is now available on Youtube.

QX Snapshots - Newsletter

As professionals in emerging technologies, we like to keep our pulse on the latest news on AI, Tech, Quantum computing, Blockchain, and the Metaverse. This month, we published 4 new issues of QX Snapshots.

Friday 26, January - R3 Launches Digital Markets Suite for Capital Markets; BIS Innovates in Tokenizing Financial Instruments; Dubai's Innovation Hub & Euroclear for digital asset estate planning.

Friday 19, January - Outlier Ventures: $10-15 trillion for RWA tokenization TAM too low, Tokenized Asset Coalition reports on State of Tokenization, Thailand’s retail access to real estate tokens, and UDPN Partners with Digital Pound Foundation.

Friday 12, January - Fox Unveils Verify on Polygon's Blockchain for Media Copyright, Casper Labs and IBM Partner for Blockchain-based AI Transparency, SETL Tests Blockchain for Asset Tokenization, and Libre to Launch Fund Tokenization Protocol.

Friday 05, January - ECB Seeks Digital Euro Partners; Visa Launches New Web3 Service; OECD Explores Blockchain in Italian SMEs; India's Digital Currency Hits 1M Daily Transactions.


Tuesday 16th of January, Anaïs Ofranc, Founder of QualitaX had the privilege of attending a parliamentary roundtable on blockchain technology, hosted by @Natalie Elphicke OBE MP as part of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Blockchain Technologies (APPG on Blockchain Technologies). The key question was whether UK policymakers are providing adequate support for blockchain innovation and the Web3 industry and what more can be done.

We are grateful we could learn from and contribute to the discussion with experts such as Charles "chaals" NevileShehram KhattakLuke RileyNikhil VadgamaRobby YungDoro Unger-Lee.

Our main contribution to the discussion was focused on the need to support and participate in standardization initiatives, particularly those focused on interoperability. It is in the interest of the UK public sector and UK Plc to avoid fragmentation and closed-off silos in the still-nascent industry. Interoperability allows for more innovation and growth. Interoperability with existing infrastructure and interoperability between emerging infrastructures will be a key success factor in leveraging blockchain technologies to deliver and realize value.

Special thanks to Prof. Dr Naseem Naqvi MBE, President of The British Blockchain Association, and his team for supporting the event.


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