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Building the Global Payments Infrastructure of the Future with Blockchain

The growth of CBDCs and regulated stablecoins is driving the need for enhanced interoperability between digital currency systems. Join us for this webinar to explore how the Universal Digital Payments Network (UDPN) aims to address this need by developing a common messaging standard and decentralized network to facilitate seamless cross-border transactions between CBDCs, stablecoins, and legacy payment systems.

Steffen Schacher, UDPN Lead at GFT, and Tim Bailey, VP of Global Business & Operations at Red Date Technology will provide valuable insights for those interested in the future of payments and how infrastructures like UDPN are aiming to serve as the backbone for the cross-border exchange of digital currencies.

We discuss:

➡ The challenges and pain points in the global payment infrastructure today.

➡ Why do current technologies fall short in addressing these challenges?

➡ How the UDPN leverages blockchain technology to address those pain points/ improve the global payment infrastructure.

➡ An overview of the UDPN's proposed approach, architecture, and governance model.

➡ The roadmap for integrating CBDCs as they continue to launch globally

👉 Few Snippets


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