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Research & Analytics

We believe in fostering ecosystems where transparency, education, and informed decision-making drive the adoption and evolution of DLT-based innovation - standards, products, and services.

At QualitaX, we understand that navigating the evolving landscape of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) can be challenging. We offer Research & Analytics services aimed at providing stakeholders in the Finance industry with insights and data to inform decision-making for their DLT-based transformation initiatives.  We combine qualitative and quantitative research methods to deliver insights to support the understanding and adoption of DLT innovations.

We help Fintech and DeFi companies, Enterprise-Grade DLT Tech Providers, and Standards Setters engage with, and equip market participants by delivering deep insights that facilitate understanding and encourage the adoption of DLT innovations. Our goal is to provide actionable insights that promote the value-based adoption of DLT in finance.



In the rapidly expanding market of tokenized real-world assets, the importance of transparency, oversight, and adherence to standards is paramount. The ERC-3643 standard, designed for EVM-based smart contracts, addresses this need by offering a framework for compliant, regulated, and permissioned tokenized assets.

Learn more:  Demystifying ERC-3643:  A Deep Dive into Compliant RWA Tokenization.


DLT-related Tech Providers


We help institutional-grade DLT networks, Fintech and DeFi companies focused on regulated digital assets and financial use cases equip your stakeholders - investors, clients, and regulators alike—with the information they require to grasp, evaluate, and make well-informed decisions regarding DLT innovations. We do that by delivering finance-oriented analytics coupled with an in-depth research report offering a comprehensive unbiased overview of the capabilities, adoption, and case studies.

By combining quantitative with qualitative research, we provide a holistic view of the current state of DLT innovations and/or solution that helps stakeholders - regulators and market participants - understand their potential, evaluate its fit for their needs, and make informed decisions about adoption and investment. Our insights can also help you identify growth opportunities, prioritize development efforts, and refine your go-to-market strategy.

Standards Setters and Developers


We help you provide the data and insights your stakeholders need to understand, evaluate, and adopt standards relevant to their activities. We provide transparency on how standards are being adopted and applied across the industry. You can leverage our insights to refine your approach, ensuring your standards meet the evolving needs of the market.

We provide tools for engaging with stakeholders and demonstrating the impact and adoption of standards. Our in-depth qualitative research reports offer a detailed and nuanced understanding of standards, case studies, potential applications, and their implications for the industry. Coupled with analytics, which provide insights on adoption metrics and usage patterns, our services give you the insights you need to showcase the value of standards, attract new adopters, and guide its future development.



Despite the significant tokenization of over $30 billion USD in real-world assets via ERC-3643 and the engagement of major entities like Citi, the industry lacked a mechanism to monitor ERC-3643's implementation and usage across blockchain networks.


To bridge this gap, QualitaX, in collaboration with the ERC3643 Association and members such as Tokeny, introduced ERC-3643 Analytics. A Dune dashboard provides valuable, data-driven insights into the standard’s adoption, showcasing a commitment to enhancing transparency and efficiency in the realm of tokenized assets.

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